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A Progressive's Case For Bitcoin Book
A Progressive's Case For Bitcoin

An inspirational new book that explores the value of Bitcoin through a progressive lens of social justice, equity, and peace.  Available now in all formats!

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about Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a decentralized, peer to peer network for exchanging value on the internet.  It is censorship resistant and requires no permission or trust to use.  Bitcoin has the potential to serve as freedom money for billions of people living under authoritarian rule across the globe.  Bitcoin's unique properties also allow it to incentivize the build out of green energy and reduce methane emissions. 

about the author

Jason is a high school math teacher and Progressive Bitcoiner.  He is excited about teaching and sharing his passion for Bitcoin with everyone.  Jason first came to Bitcoin through a lens of math and computer science.  Now he also appreciates the value of Bitcoin to make the world more equitable and peaceful.   Jason lives in Connecticut with his family and adorable dog, Toshi.


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Learn about Bitcoin through a progressive lens.
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The liberal progressive case for Bitcoin
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Learn Bitcoin Basics through a progressive lens
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more about the book...

This book is an inspirational and readable introduction to Bitcoin through a Progressive lens.  It is ideal for all left-leaning individuals whether they are new to Bitcoin or already have a strong conviction.  This book is even ideal for right-leaning Bitcoiners who would like to orange pill their liberal in-laws or co-workers.  It is the perfect gift for anyone who cares deeply about social justice and better understanding the many reasons our current financial and political systems feel so broken. 


A Progressive's Case For Bitcoin features the following chapters: 

Chapter 1: Why This Book?

Chapter 2: Why Bitcoin?

Chapter 3: Why Bitcoin is Good For The Environment

Chapter 4: Bitcoin vs. the Banks

Chapter 5: How Bitcoin Helps Poor and Marginalized Communities

Chapter 6: Inflation and Wealth Inequality

Chapter 7: The Untold Cost of US Dollar Hegemony

Chapter 8: Bitcoin and Peace

Chapter 9: Bitcoin and Governance

Chapter 10: Conclusion; A Call to Action

praise for
A Progressive's Case for Bitcoin...

  • Just wanted to say it’s nice to read a book about Bitcoin written by someone whose values align so well to my own. I plan to buy more copies for family & friends.


  • A Progressive's Case for Bitcoin provides the best explanation of why and how Bitcoin is good for the environment


  • A Progressive's Case for Bitcoin is now my top recommendation for anyone eager to dive deeper into the world of Bitcoin


  • The approachable style makes A Progressive's Case for Bitcoin a great intro for many, not just progressives. It's really a book for all who recognize the utility of Bitcoin is beyond partisanship.


  • I just finished “A Progressive Case for Bitcoin” by Jason Maier and it’s the best Bitcoin book I’ve ever read. Unlike many in the Bitcoin community, Jason writes with such a gentle voice. When you read his book, you don’t feel like he’s trying to change your mind. He’s just offering his perspective in a friendly, non-threatening way. It’s a fun, casual style, and super accessible to all readers.This is finally a Bitcoin book I can share with people in my social circle who share my values.

  • Jason’s book is outstanding, and fills a niche that has been seriously underserved until now - a treatise on bitcoin for progressives. He thoughtfully walks the reader through the shortcomings of the current financial system and the benefits that bitcoin can bring to people around the world.

         Lyn Alden, Macro Economist and Investor

  • In A Progressive’s Case For Bitcoin, Jason offers an uncommon perspective of how Bitcoin can be used as a tool for progressive social change. Through a combination of  introspection and real-world case studies, Jason explores how Bitcoin can help to empower marginalized communities including the unbanked, those affected by hyperinflation and more.

         Lamar Wilson, Founder Black Bitcoin Billionaire

  • A Progressive's Case for Bitcoin offers a refreshing perspective on Bitcoin particularly suited for a more liberal voter. Maier writes with humility and clarity inviting even the most ardent Bitcoin critics to question their assumptions. It is one of the best books written on Bitcoin.

         Dr. Mark Stephany, physician and host of The Progressive Bitcoiner

  • If you care about the environment, human rights, or equality, you need to read this book and share it with everyone you know who considers themselves to be a progressive.  This is a must read book!

         Dennis Porter, Co-Founder and CEO of the Satoshi Action Fund

  • Jason Maier has written what may be the most consequential bitcoin book to date. In our historical moment, everything is politicized, often before it is even understood. So it is with bitcoin, a technology attacked by many on the political left and embraced by those on the right, but which is actually nothing more than a few hundred lines of code. The social, political, economic, and environmental consequences of bitcoin have hardly been thought through. Maier shows how bitcoin—yes, bitcoin!--actually aligns with the deepest values of progressives and serves their highest goals, most surprisingly, aiding the fight against climate change. 

         Troy Cross, Environmentalist and Professor of Philosophy, Reed College

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