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A Progressive's Case For Bitcoin Book
A Progressive's Case For Bitcoin

An inspirational new book that explores the value of Bitcoin through a progressive lens of social justice, equity, and peace.  Preorder the book now.

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about the author

Jason is a high school math teacher and Progressive Bitcoiner.  He is excited about teaching and sharing his passion for Bitcoin with everyone.  Jason first came to Bitcoin through a lens of math and computer science.  Now he also appreciates the value of Bitcon to make the world more equitable and peaceful.   Jason lives in Connecticut with his family and adorable dog, Toshi.


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more about the book...

I decided to write A Progressive's Case For Bitcoin because I had a difficult time finding resources to learn about Bitcoin that were not directed at Conservatives and Libertarians.  At the time, I didn't feel like Progressive people had a place within the Bitcoin community.  And, even worse, I noticed my Liberal friends were being given misinformation about Bitcoin from the media and some Liberal politicians.  I dedicated myself to writing an approachable argument about why Bitcoin can and should be used by Progressives to create a more just, equitable and peaceful world.

My goal throughout the book is to argue why Bitcoin is the right choice for a Progressive person.  To accomplish this, I attempt to correct the misinformation that exists about Bitcoin.  I also dive deep into the ways Bitcoin works to help marginalized communities, support oppressed peoples, alleviate wealth inequality, protect the environment and make wars less common and less deadly.  


This book is an inspirational and readable introduction to Bitcoin through a Progressive lens.  It is ideal for all left-leaning individuals whether they are new to Bitcoin or already have a strong conviction.  This book is even ideal for right-leaning Bitcoiners who would like to orange pill their Liberal in-laws or co-workers.  It is the perfect gift for anyone who cares deeply about social justice and better understanding the many reasons our current financial and political systems feel so broken. 


A Progressive's Case For Bitcoin features the following chapters: 

Chapter 1: Why This Book?

Chapter 2: Why Bitcoin?

Chapter 3: Why Bitcoin is Good For The Environment

Chapter 4: The Untold Cost of US Dollar Hegemony

Chapter 5: Bitcoin and Peace

Chapter 6: Inflation and Wealth Inequality

Chapter 7: Bitcoin and Governance

Chapter 8: How Bitcoin Helps Poor and Marginalized Communities

Chapter 9: Bitcoin vs. the Banks

Chapter 10: Conclusion; A Call to Action